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360 Degrees Entrepreneurship

The overall aim of the project is in accordance with one of the primary objectives for K2

Strategic Partnerships for Youth:

- Promoting entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among young people

The specific objectives are:

- To develop creative thinking, innovation, employability (soft) skills, financial

management, strategic planning and entrepreneurial skills of youth workers.

- To create a training module on how to develop, validate and implement social

entrepreneurial projects and enterprises.

- To work with and train mentors in how they can support young people in developing

entrepreneurial paths.

- To explore practical ways of supporting young people and NGO set up social

enterprises, taking into consideration legal, financial, management and social


- To create new tools and methods designed to develop entrepreneurial skills among

young people.

- To provide young people with a platform where they can exchange experience and

expertise in the field of social entrepreneurship.

- To develop solidarity, promote tolerance and foster mutual understanding between

generations and cultures by creating a common platform for development that

includes a wide variety of generations and cultures



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