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Depending on the kind of training and the trainer, trainings can include coaching, mentoring, and/or consulting. In any case training goals are decided by the company/organization that has employed the trainer, so it is more focused on organizational objectives then individual ones. With non-formal education trainings emphasis is put on creating a positive group dynamic and learning atmosphere, and supporting individual learning styles and preferences. Instead of being an authority, the trainer acts as a facilitator of learning


A consultant is there to share specific information with you that you can use to solve problems and achieve your goals. A consultant will not focus on changing thought and behavior patterns (like a coach) or put the main focus on sharing their experiences with you (like a mentor) but rather provide concrete information that they have gained through their experience and/or the training they have received. A consultant can be useful for topics that you need specific advice on, as this is the only service where the main focus is offering advice.

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Global Ideations is an international training and consultant that was founded in Michigan, US in February 2013.

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