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I guess I'd like to be known for being an innovator, fostering creativity, thinking outside the box. You know, keeping people playful.Nolan Bushnell


Are you seeking how to take your idea from ground to eternity? Or do you want to start something new yet do not know what exactly? Then this service is the answer of your question. Rather you have an idea or not you can develop or create your idea for a fresh start.


The start up development consulting is the service that provided from creation of idea to implementation and running the business. Any individual, group or a company can benefit from this service. Depending on the start up the service can combined with several other services such as training, coaching and mentoring.


Within this service we focus on Start ups on Technological and Innovation sector.



We are offering following services for Start ups:


• Project Management

• Technical Advising

• IT strategy and Design

• User Work Flow

• Platform / Prototype Assessments

• Delivery Management

• Production Deployment

• Application Analytic

• Our Start up development service consist of following steps:

• Analyze the Idea

• Identity the gap and problem for idea

• Design thinking

• Market research pro and Cons

• Developing the idea

• Feedback and Finalizing the Idea

• Strategic Planning

• Visual Identity and Branding

• Fund raising

• Prototyping / Market Test

• Starting up the business

• Operating and management

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